Peggy Sofley MMAA, PG Dip McTimoney Animal Manipulation

McTimoney is a gentle, safe and effective way to restore muscular-skeletal balance and harmony!

McTimoneyAnimal Manipulation is a gentle, effective whole body treatment, in which the practitioner uses their hands only to perform very fast but precise adjustments to the appropriate parts of the animal's spine and joints. This will then alleviate pain and muscle spasm and will allow the body to restore natural balance and harmony. The McTimoney Treatment works holistically to eliminate the cause, not just to treat the symptoms.

The nervous system has a major control function of every cell of the body. It even controls the next major system, the hormone system. The nervous system can loose its ability to function at its best, both in controlling and counteracting disease, when interfered with by misaligned joints. Not to be mistaken with a dislocation, where a joint is dis-functional and needs some kind of urgent medical treatment. A mis-alignment is when two parts of bone, which articulate to a joint are not quiet sitting in the right place. The joint is still functional to a certain extent, but could be painful. Most importantly, the surrounding nervous pathways,could be inpinged ( a trapped nerve). This is best explained in the spine, where two adjacent vertebrae form a joint. Nerves are leaving the joint through just a narrow gap, which is surrounded by muscles, ligaments, tendon and other soft tissue. The nerve communication to the brain, and back to the whole of the body is interfered with. In an attempt to correct this very slight mis-positioning of the bones, the body can react with inflammation, pain and muscle tightness (spasm). Sometimes however,the body is able to correct everything back to were it is meant to be. In some cases, the mis-alignment cannot be resolved by the body and needs external assistance. As these joint movements are very small and not discernible on x-ray, they need a practitioner, such as the McTimoney Therapist, to palpate,locate and correct the mis-positioning of the joint.

The McTimoney animal manipulation can improve the animal's health as it will align the skeletal system and in doing so can reinstate nerve function.  The McTimoney Technique corrects the positioning of a misaligned joint, by 'high-volicity-low-altitude' hand action. This works so well because the movement is faster then the tightened muscle's ability to react.The Milieu can relax, as the joint moves back into it's correct position.

Bones and joints, when in their correct position, form a flexible structure designed to provide pain-free movement.