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How will a Dog Benefit from McTimoney Treatment?

Besides degenerative problems, dogs are subject to various strains and stresses to their muscular-skelatal system, while playing, training or working! Jumping hugh heights, twisting past obstacles or one sided movements, to mention only a few. Performance dogs in particular are influenced by hazards unique to their tasks. Racing around the greyhound track in one direction for example.

Even though the dog's spine is fairly flexible, and normal movement such as bending and stretching are well tolerated, extreem activities which force the joint to its maximum of movement cause the muscle around this joint to tighten in the attempt to correct. In most cases this self-protection of the dog's body will be enough to realign the joint. However, if the problem is repetitive or the influence is too great, the misalignment will persist! The muscles around the spinal joint will go into spasm, causing the joint to stay in a fixed position. This will result in pain, joint inflammation and even nerve irritation.

Some of the symptoms your dog may show

change in posture or gait

unexplained muscle wastage

expressing difficulty jumping

crying out when getting up /down

reluctance to exercise

new agression

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