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Peggy Sofley PG Dip MAM


Post Treatment Advice

How will a Horse benefit from McTimoney Treatment?

Mis-alignments in Horses are caused by daily activities! They can be caused by repetative movements, a fall, a slip or at worst an accident. Ill fitting Tack, Rugs or un-balanced riding or foot-balance can lead to mis-alignment in the muscular-skeletal structure too! However, not every horse needs treating, but it could well be possible, especially as these mis-alignments, if not corrected, can cause other problems! Because, if all daily activities are performed favouring one side of the body, discomfort will set in and symptoms will manifest!

lameness ( always needs to be diagnosed by Vet first)

change in gait

unwillingness to perform or even move

bucking / rearing

not wanting to strike-off one lead


Other bodily systems can be influenced, which are more difficult to relate to as 'mis-alignment'.

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