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Peggy Sofley MMAA, PG Dip McTimoney Animal Manipulation

Equine Sports Massage

Equine Sports Massage concentrates purely on muscles, which can not secure their own release from tension. Muscle tension can be seen as a symptom related to an underlying cause. However, a direct msuscle injury, caused by overstretchingor overuse, can be the initiating factor. This can cause the muscle to shorten, influencing the range of movement, and inevitably the horse's performance. These muscle knots do not release by themselves, they need help.

sensetive over muscle groups

change in attitute to work

problems with lateral work

refusing a canter lead

unwilling/unable to work up/down inclines

change in habit or behaviour

A Equine Sports Massag Therapist can also provide guidance before, during and after training or competition! Adding a stretching regime to your daily routine can allow for greater range of movement, maximise tendon and muscle elasticity, improve flexability and can reduce strain on tendon and ligaments.

Massage is also an excellent way to detect early warning signs of stress and injury to the musculo-skeletal structure, as it assesses the horse's

physical condition, and establishing a baseline.

As a proventative maintenance tool, massage can improve circulation, remove muscle waist, can improve posture and gait quality!

Massage can also be helpful for rehabilitation following injury, as it can reduce muscle tension, keep muscle groups flexible, lengthen connective tissue and improve muscle tone.

This Web-site is for people who are interested in the wellbeing of animals, and can adjust their view of the therapy world to more comprehensive pastures.

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